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I have given numerous lectures at the Kanuga Summer Dream Conference. These lectures are on a variety of topics from dreamwork, meditation, relationships, and mysticism. There are also audio talks from numerous other speakers from this annual conference. They are free for you to download.

Visit the iTunes Seedwork site.

Many thanks to Charles at Lucky Dog Audio Post for his excellent help in making this possible.

The Rose

What is The Rose?

The Rose is published twice a year by the Natural Spirituality Group at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Athens, Georgia. It is offered free of charge to help link together groups and individuals engaged in integrating dreamwork and other authentic aspects of the inner journey into regular Christian life.

The Rose publishes articles submitted by journeyers from all locales. It is a forum for telling personal stories; for sharing dreams; for setting forth insights from the inner journey; for sharing relevant books; for analyzing movies; for looking at the deeper meaning of Scripture; for poetry and short reflections; for the publication of apt sermons; for exchanging information about how natural spirituality pro-grams are conducted in different places; for announcing upcoming conferences; and for reports on the same after they have taken place.

Bunches of Roses

The Rose is sent free in its initial bulk mailing. Mailing cost for a single copy by regular mail, however, rises dramatically. To order a copy of the current issue, send $1 or three first class stamps to:

The Rose at Emmanuel Church, 498 Prince Avenue, Athens, GA 30601

For multiple copies, up to a maximum of 50, add .25 per copy. For example, $1.25 for 2 copies, $1.50 for 3, $5.75 for 20, $13.25 for 50 copies.

Int’l orders: 1 copy, $3.00. Packets of 8, $9.

Download The Rose

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

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