The Interfaith Center

Started in September 2011, the Interfaith Center is a part of the Institute for Theological Studies at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Arkansas. Our primary goal for the first year was to learn more about the current interfaith work in the community, so we engaged in a series of one-on-one meetings with leaders in congregations, schools and organizations who were involved in or interested in being involved in interfaith work.


Friendship Camp

The Interfaith Center is working with various local faith groups to create the first ever interfaith friendship camp in Arkansas. The camp’s theme is Faith ‘n Friends and it will foster friendships and awareness of more

Muslim Christian Dialogue

 During the 2014 Let’s Pray retreat, Susan and Sophia engaged in an interfaith dialogue that allowed participants to ask questions about the Muslim faith, which provided groundwork more  

Multi-Faith Youth Group

“Shalom” is a greeting of peace and yet it means “wholeness” – we have peace, we are one with all the parts of our being, one with our god, and one with all the different people in life. Peace is important to more


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