Dreams as a Way to Know Christ.

Dreams communicate the needs of the soul as participants prayerfully seek God’s guidance to live their lives. The rich spiritual discipline of understanding dreams and seeking to live in harmony with the messages they bring can enrich lives with comfort, challenge, and practical solutions to problems of daily life.

Dreams Related to Death and Dying

Before people die, they often have powerful dreams that connect them to the Divine. During the death process, loved ones also often have vibrant dreams related to their loved one’s dying. This workshop explores the dream process as it relates to people making their transition from this world to the next.

Summer Dream Conference: God’s Forgotten Language

This annual conference is for all (beginners as well as advanced) who want to recover the ancient Biblical tradition of listening for God’s word for us in our nightly dreams. This conference is for professionals (especially clergy), counselors and therapists, lay dream-group leaders, and also for dreamwork beginners.

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Dream Group/Journey Group Resource Packet

A packet of handouts, guidelines, articles, book suggestions, and other resources of interest to dream groups. Permission to print and reproduce for non-commercial use is granted.

Download the Resource Packet

Book List

Dreams, God's Forgotten Language by John Sanford
Memories Dreams and Reflections by Carl Jung
Inner Work by Robert Johnson
All books by Marion Woodman

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The Haden Institute in North Carolina offers a rich curriculum for people interested in dream work or spritual direction. Two intensive, certification programs are offered, as well as the annual summer conference on dreams.

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Inviting Wisdom into our lives...

The Rose in the World is a publication dedicated to illuminating and bringing the Wisdom of the unconscious, the spirit, psyche, and soul into everyday life. We celebrate and affirm that the Divine speaks to us in visions, in waking life synchronicities, and in our nightly dreams.  We bring you stories, artwork, poetry, and prose, wherein spiritual wisdom is honored in all its forms: in any house of faith and prayer, in nature, and in life. The Rose in The World also connects dream groups all over the country and abroad, and provides a forum for our faith communities engaged in constellating inner work in their daily walk with their God.

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